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  • Close-up of a gloved hand staining a wood deck with a paint brush.

    How To Stain a Deck

    Staining a deck is a good way to protect the wood from the elements. Learn about the benefits of sealing or staining a wood deck.

  • Rust stains on a white bathtub.

    How Do You Remove Rust Stains?

    Learn what causes rust stains and how to remove iron or rust stains from concrete, toilets and a variety of other surfaces in and around your home.

  • 4 Essential Post Flood Removal Tips

    Whether you're someone who's currently affected by a natural disaster or just want to be prepared for a future weather event, here are four important flood recovery tips from Debby Potter, senior brand manager for cleaners at Rust-Oleum.

  • Miracle Sealants being applied to a tile floor.

    What is Tile Sealer?

    Tile sealer protects tile floors, shower walls and countertops, as well as other hard surfaces, like granite and marble, helping them look new longer. 

  • How to choose exterior paint colors for your house

    A fresh coat of exterior paint can transform your home’s appearance. Whether you want to improve your curb appeal by painting your home’s entire exterior or by simply adding a pop of color to your front door, these tips can help guide you through the paint color selection process.