Seal-Krete Epoxy Seal FAQs

Seal-Krete Epoxy Seal FAQs

  • 1.

    What is Epoxy-Seal?

    Epoxy-Seal is a blend of acrylic and epoxy resins specially formulated for concrete/garage floors.
  • 2.

    Is Epoxy-Seal a two-component system?

    No. Seal-Krete Epoxy-Seal is a one part system and is ready-to-use.
  • 3.

    What are the color choices for Epoxy-Seal?

    Epoxy-Seal comes in armor and slate gray. Color cards with additional color options are also available with the white and deep tint bases of Epoxy-Seal.
  • 4.

    Will Epoxy-Seal yellow?

    No. Epoxy-Seal is UV stable.
  • 5.

    Where can Epoxy-Seal be applied?

    Epoxy-Seal can be used in interior and exterior high traffic areas including garage floors, driveways, shop floors, basements, pool decks, walkways, patios, porches and more. Epoxy Seal an also be applied on interior and exterior walls including concrete block, stucco, brick and T-11 siding were a harder more durable scrub resistant finish is desired.