Seal-Krete Oil Stain Remover

Seal-Krete Oil Stain Remover

  • 1.

    Will Oil Stain Remover remove oil stains from sealed concrete surfaces?

    No. Oil Stain Remover is recommended for removing oil stains from bare concrete substrates. Sealed surfaces should be treated with a recommended degreaser; otherwise, the sealer could be stripped from the area as well.
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    I applied another degreaser to an oil stain that had been on my garage floor for a long time. It did not remove the stain. Would you recommend Oil Stain Remover to remove old oil stains from concrete surfaces?

    Yes. However, oil stains that have deeply penetrated the concrete often require more than one treatment and additional scrubbing to effectively remove the older, more stubborn stains.
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    I purchased Oil Stain Remover to treat the oil stains on my garage floor. Do you think it would also remove paint overspray from the floor?

    Yes. Oil Stain Remover will actually strip the paint overspray from the garage floor.
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    How long does it take Oil Stain Remover to turn to powder?

    Oil Stain Remover could take 4 hours or more to dry to a powder. Dry time of the material depends on ventilation of the area, porosity of the concrete, humidity and temperatures. It performs best in moderate humidity with temperatures above 70 degrees F. Dry time will be significantly longer in temperatures less than 60 degrees F.