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Take your mailbox from drab to fab and add a personal touch using Testors Paint Pens, Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Spray Paint and Universal Spray Paint. Create your own custom message that greets you every time you get the mail! 

  1. 1. Paint the exterior of your mailbox with Universal Metallic Spray Paint. Follow the instructions on the spray paint can. Shake the can for one minute after the mixing ball releases. Hold your can of spray paint 8-12” from the surface and apply light coats of spray paint, waiting a few minutes between each coat to ensure even coverage. Prior to painting the mailbox interior, use painter's tape and newspaper to cover any parts of the exterior mailbox that you don't want to spray paint. Once dry, paint the interior of your mailbox with Stops Rust Satin Spray Paint.

  2. Outline your custom message in pencil on your mailbox. Then, following the instructions outlined on the packaging, trace the outline using a Testors Paint Pen.

Tip: Shake, shake, shake! Be sure to shake the paint pen and repeatedly press the tip firmly up and down on a piece of scrap paper to prime your pen before using.